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When Van Gogh was a young man in his early twenties, he was in London studying to be a clergyman. He had no thought of being an artist at all. he sat in his cheap little room writing a letter to his younger brother in Holland, whom he loved very much. He looked out his window at a watery twilight, a thin lamppost, a star, and he said in his letter something like this: “it is so beautiful I must show you how it looks.” And then on his cheap ruled note paper, he made the most beautiful, tender, little drawing of it.

When I read this letter of Van Gogh’s it comforted me very much and seemed to throw a clear light on the whole road of Art. Before, I thought that to produce a work of painting or literature, you scowled and thought long and ponderously and weighed everything solemnly and learned everything that all artists had ever done aforetime, and what their influences and schools were, and you were extremely careful about *design* and *balance* and getting *interesting planes* into your painting, and avoided, with the most astringent severity, showing the faintest *academical* tendency, and were strictly modern. And so on and so on.

But the moment I read Van Gogh’s letter I knew what art was, and the creative impulse. It is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others, by drawing it.

And Van Gogh’s little drawing on the cheap note paper was a work of art because he loved the sky and the frail lamppost against it so seriously that he made the drawing with the most exquisite conscientiousness and care.

—    Brenda UelandIf You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit (via raggedybearcat)

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Something I should’ve written way back – my summer internship at Tartu Observatory’s space technology department and the satellite team ESTCube

To give a brief overview, ESTCube-1 is the first Estonian satellite launched last year. Its primary mission is to perform the first (yeah, a lot of firsts) in-orbit demonstration of the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) concept. It’s a propulsion innovation made by Finnish researcher Pekka Janhunen in 2006, which uses long centrifugally spanned and electrically charged tethers to extract the solar wind momentum for spacecraft thrust. Once operational, its technology is expected to revolutionize the space travel within our solar system.

My internship didn’t last long, because I had already been working in the astrophysics department before that, so it was all basically kind of an introduction into the field, getting to know ESTCube-1 subsystems and the experiment which will be performed within a few weeks (you can read more about that below). I learned about the satellite’s attitude determination and control system (ADCS) and then calculated spacecraft’s thrust during the beginning of the experiment, so per tether length and taking the conditions of Earth’s plasma into account.

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Cap visits a school assembly and they have him lead the pledge of allegiance but "under God" wasn't added until he went under the ice so he doesn't know that part so he doesn't say it and the next day all the headlines say "CAPTAIN AMERICA FORGETS GOD" and FoxNews freaks out.

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when ur bra and undies match and ur just like Hell yeah, hell yeah
Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right Hell yeah Hell yeah, hell yeah Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right

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Cats and Tumblr

I cant stop laughing.

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do you ever think about how little Michelangelo cared

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x-men + text posts (10/?)

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"I like the idea of up-and-coming actors nowadays being a little different and not necessarily the drama-school stereotype, being a bit more edgy."

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